RiyaCom Productions

Riyacom Productions is a company located in Danville, KY that plans, produces, and distributes videos. We produce videos for churches and religious organizations, non profits, companies, schools, and just about anyone who needs videos. We create wedding videos, family reunions, community festivals and events.

We also produce videos reviewing products, rcecruitment videos, etc. Just about any type of video for any reason. We also are creating streaming news and information videos for smaller cities who do not have local TV stations. These videos can be viewed on such sites as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many others.

Recently, we have been experimenting with the new YouTube LIVE streaming service. We use 4G cellular modems for events that are not close to WiFi or other internet connections. So far, we have seen some promising results. When we get the process perfected, we will provide links to those live events so you can watch from your computer, smart TV, tablet, and smartphone. These videos are automatically archived on our YouTube channel, so if you miss the live broadcast, you can still watch the video on demand when it is best for you. We are very excited about using this in the near future.

So take your time and look around. If you would like to speak with us about producing and/or live broadcasting of your next event, be sure to click on the contact us page. Be sure to tell us the one thing that is most important. What kind of video can we make for you?



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